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Presentation Title

Guido Aben


AARNet Addresses Online Storage Challenges

Scott Bainbridge, Geoff Page & Scott Gardner

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Computational Corals: – a story of Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

Nigel Barling


Ubiquitous Communications - CSIRO Mobility and Unified TelePresence Programs

Mark Barrett


Simply Connected and Always Protected Networking

Jessica Beirne

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Game Masters Digital Program

Robert Bunzli

National Museum of Australia

Breaking New Ground? Mobile Telepresence and the National Museum of Australia

Jake Carroll

The Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland

When the World is Not Enough. Enabling the Science then Somehow Dealing With It

Peter Choquenot

ATI Australia

Equity of Access for Remote Campuses

Professor Tom Cochrane

Queensland University of Technology

Our National Research Support Challenge - eResearch in Australia: NCRIS, SuperScience, and Beyond

Rob Cook, Warren Fraser and Graham Chen



Elizabeth Coulter

The University of Auckland

Disaster Recovery in New Zealand - The Land of the Volcanos, Earthquakes and Tornados

Julian Critchlow


Mobility and BYOD - a Blessing or a Curse on Your Campus?

Basil Delimitros


IP-based CCTV: Opportunities for enhancing your IT infrastructure

Geoffrey Dengate

formerly University of Hong Kong, Griffith University, and The University of Queensland

Comparison of Higher Education (With a Focus on IT) in Australia and Hong Kong and China

Elizabeth Eastland

University of Wollongong

Broadband and the Impact on Education

Peter Embleton

University of the Sunshine Coast

USC's Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Based Mail System Migration

Andrew Fiedler and Shaun Travers

Queensland Regional Network Organisation

University Engagement with Queensland Health

Ray Fleming


Ubiquitous Communication - It’s Only as Good as the Message

Ingo Fuchs


Creating an Agile IT Infrastructure for Big Data

Gary Gardiner

Check Point

The User – What Do They Really Do on Your Network

David Gilmore, Adam Smith and Kevin Lane

Meru Networks, Meru Networks and
James Cook University

Panel Session: Can Your Wireless Network Cope With the Challenges of BYOD?

Dr Lev Gonick

Case Western Reserve University

The Role of Universities in a Smart City Broadband Strategy: Perspectives from Case Western Reserve University

Gary Gulliford and Jens Didriksen

James Cook University

Videoconferencing & Audio Visual Services at James Cook University

Mike Groeneweg and Stephen Walsh


Network Monitoring – Topics in Nagios (Basic to Advanced)

Andrew Gaff

The University of Melbourne

Project CPR: 5 steps to reviving the troubled University project

Chris Hancock


In an Era of New Broadband Frontiers, How Are Research Networks Contributing?

Jason Hanlon


Use and Advantages of Fibreflow in Campus and Local Area Networks

Michael Harlow

University of Tasmania

Right-Sizing the Right Solution – Building a Flexible Core Network for Future ICT Challenges

Gordon Howell


Using Networks and Technology to Reinvigorate Tired Learning Spaces

Josh Howlett


The Case for Global Service Innovation & Delivery

Thomas King

The University of Queensland

The Future of Collaborative IT - the Translational Research Institute

Thomas King

The University of Queensland

The Phoenix Project - Network Upgrade Project at The University of QLD

Stuart Kirkby


Creating and Operating Ubiquitous Communications

Tony Kirkham

Palo Alto Networks

Academic Freedom or Application Chaos - An Analysis of Application Usage on University Networks

Maureen Klinkert and Richard Northam


Connecting with CAUDIT – Getting the most out of CAUDIT Services and Agreements

Professor William (Bill) Laurance

James Cook University

Using High-Tech to Attack Environmental Perils: The End of the World as We Know It?

Keith Linforth

Massey University

Network Transition – Cowboys Need Not Apply

Simon Mackey

Brisbane Catholic Education

Anticipating the Expectations of Tomorrow’s Students Today - Insights from a P-12 Catholic Education Provider

Kerrie Mackey-Smith

Department for Education and Child Development

Pedagogy, Learning and the Digital World: A South Australian Story

Don Mackintosh


Communications Convergence Forum

Peter Mahony & Dan Collins

Powerhouse Museum

Pathways to Space - Making a Digital Difference in Science Education

Wayne Mallett

James Cook University

Research Networks

Heath Marks

Australian Access Federation Inc

What’s Behind the AAF Front Door?

Andrew McRae

Google Inc

OpenFlow and the Software Defined Network

Bernard Meade and Tom Fiield

The University of Melbourne

Demystifying the NeCTAR Research Cloud

Dwayne Melançon

Tripwire, Inc.

Risky Business 2012

Patrick Mole

The University of Queensland

The Island: Heron Island Research Station WAN upgrade project

Ty Mullens

Content Bank

Video Streaming in Education & Beyond

David Murray


Workspace Transformation - Enterprise Mobility the Next Big Wave

Ben Newsome

Fizzics Education

Digital Outreach: A small business perspective on video conference outreach opportunities

Peter Paszkiewicz

GA Systems

Traditional Security Infrastructure is Failing.  You May Be Compromised!

Bruce Perram and Kevin Middleton


Re-imagine the Desktop: End-User Computing Beyond the PC Era

Bruce Perram, Kevin Middleton and Blake Carney

VMware, VMware and Griffith University

Re-imagine the Desktop: The Future of End User Computing in Education Services

Karen Player

Australian Museum

Creating Connections - Building Networks

Nigel Poole


From Ubiquity to Invisibility... and Beyond

Richard Pruss


Software Defined Networks, onePK and a New World of Custom Network Applications

Rob Reed


Big Data in the Educational Enterprise – Can You Hear What Your (Machine) Data is Telling You?

Iain Robertson

Brocade Communications

Ethernet Fabrics 101

Mike Rose


Video, Text and Social Networking – Is Telephony Still Relevant?

Phil Roy

Charles Sturt University

Student Use of the Wireless Network

Allison Russell & Mandi Dimitriadis

History SA & Department of Education and Child Development

Telling Tales: The bound for South Australia experiment

Natalia Salzberg

Macquarie University

My Work, My Way - MQU's Journey to Consumer Computing

Shaune Sinclair


CQUniversity: Rethinking and Revamping Video Services

Darren Smith

Hewlett Packard

BYOD in Higher Education

Tara Smith and Brad Maiden

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Digital Excursions: Pushing the boundaries of interactive technology

Terry Smith

Australian Access Federation Inc

The Federation and Beyond – Are You Ready?

Gary Spiteri


Using Big Data for Good - Advanced Malware Protection as a Cloud Service

Stuart Tait

Education Services Australia

Linking with the Australian Curriculum

Dr Nick Tate


RDSI - Transforming Research Data Storage for Australia

Jean Turgeon


The Fabric Battle….

Clinton Walsh, Tom Fifield and Steven Manos

The University of Melbourne

National Research Cloud Getting Started

Victor Wei and Greg Broe

Griffith University

"Going Paperless" - Mobile Device Management

James Werle, Sean Casey and Jan Zaneitis

Internet 2, NBN Co and Cisco

Spotlight Sessions

David Wilde


AARNet4 - The Next Evolution of the AARNet Network

Dr Ross Wilkinson


Better Data for Better Research: ANDS as a partner