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Aaron de Leon


M Finger Vein Biometric Authentication Technology

Adrian Dillon

University of Tasmania

Managing Seamless Internet Access for Staff, Students and Related Entities

Ajax McKerral

The Song Room

Ping: music education for the 21st century

Alison Davis and Gordon Howell


A journey down the application virtualisation path in student PC labs at QUT

Andrew Fiedler


Getting out of hospital - Health Research Access Project

Andrew Grose

TSA Software Solutions Pty Ltd

Cost Recovery of Voice, Video and Data Services in the University Sector

Andrew Latham


Protect Critical Data and Systems with Proactive IT Security

Antony Somerville


Wireless Support at the Top End: EduRoam in PnG

Barbara Penson

Independent Schools Victoria

Expanding Classroom Walls to the World

Ben Doubleday

Curtin University of Technology

Desktop 2010 - What, Why, How

Bernard Pailthorpe and Richard Hammond

University of Queensland

Application Integration for the OptIPortal

Blake Carney

Griffith University

The Griffith migration from Novell to AD and what wasn't in the manual.

Brian Kissell


The Now Generation Data Centre

Bruce Williams

Griffith University

the network makes contact with signage, clocks and storage

Catherine Nielsen

NSW Department of Education and Training

Murder under the Microscope: Extending our digital horizons

Chris Hancock


Recent Strategic Developments for AARNet

Chris King

Lan 1 - Palo Alto Networks

Social Networking and Cyber-Security: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, or Threat?

Craig Maynard

Brocade Communications

Network Evolution in Virtualised World

Christian Bertolini


A look into the future of Data Centres: from inside to outside

Christoph Willing and Bernard Meade

QCIF/UQ & Umelbourne

OptIPortal Collaborations: Requirements and Progress Examples

Collett Smart

Macquarie Clinic and Pacific Hills School

Towards Technologically Healthy Children (K-12)

Con Nikolouzakis


Is your network ready to deliver Web 2.0 to the classroom?

David Abramson

Monash University

Enhancing Student Exchange Experiences with High Definition Video Conference

David Edwards and Jason Rankin

University of Ballarat

University of Ballarat changing the rules of networking with HP

David Patterson


Upgrading CQUniversity's Teaching Videoconference Service - A Project Case Study

Dr Barbara Penson

Independent Schools Victoria

Expanding Classroom Walls to the World

Dr Fouad Kamel and Alexander Kist

University of Southern Queensland

User-Moderated Electrical Consumption In Eastern and Southern Australia – A Smart Grid Technique

Gary Gardiner


Protecting Research Data and Controlling Network Usage

Glen Turner


End to End Network Performance Tuning and Benchmarking

Graeme Wilson

University of Queensland

The Enterprise Voice Network Refresh

Grant Reid


Sharepoint, From The Far Edges Of The Network Towards A Centralised And Available Service

Guido Aben


Service developments in AARNet's eResearch area

Heath Marks and Terry Smith


The Australian Access Federation (AAF) – One Year On

Heath Wilkinson

Curtin University of Technology

Microsoft Cloud Platforms - Unleashing services, unleashing users

James Brennan

Polycom Australia

Latest developments for extending your network and enhancing learning outcomes through HD voice, video, telepresence and infrastructure.

Jamie Humphrey


Cloud based services

Jason Bordujenko


AARNet's video conferencing journey - the National Video Conferencing Service (NVCS) in 2010

Jason Bordujenko


Desktop Video

Jon Farrell

Dimension Data

A Model for Dynamic Computing

John Mann

Monash University ITS

IPv6 Deployment at Monash

Jouni Stoja and Leon Li


Contact with the 'cloud' - student email, how easy was it really?!?!

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Master of Ceremonies

The Great Debate - 'That Australia should introduce an internet filter.' Should Australia censor the internet..?

Kevin Lane

James Cook University

Upgrading the Wireless Network One AP at a Time

Kelvin Rundle


The challenges of providing an open, available and secure education network.

Kim Wisniewski

Curtin University of Technology

Curtin’s Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

Leon Li and David Worth


Provide a current status of Eduroam network in US and Australia

Lorraine Nicol


ACT Schools' Fibre Network

Mark Krischer and Jennifer Walbank

Cisco / Apple

The Internet in Hand is Worth Two on a Wire

Mark Laffan


Exploring Communication with Students using Bluetooth

Martin Stone

Education Services Australia

Digital Content from Higher Ed to Schools and backagain

Mark Tigwell


Roadmaps for Cloud Services and Unified Communications

Matt Ralph

The Hutchins School

Learning On Demand - NBN's Emerging Revolution

Mark Schulz

University of Queensland

Online laboratories: We bring the Lab to You

Mark Williams


The missing link in cloud computing: The importance of data centre networking

Michael Flynn


A Year of Green IT at QUT

Michael Haigh

Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn

Implementation of Catholic Network Australia

Mike Rebbechi


Towards a National Health Innovation and Training Network

Milton Purcell


“2010 and Beyond – The Communications Challenges in Education”

Nelson Da Silva


Botnet’s Make Contact

Nick Cross

The Great Debate

Paul Ducklin

Sophos Pty Ltd

BZM XNT BQZBJ SGD BNCD? Can you crack the code?

Paul Rodley and Douglas Harre

Christ's College

Is there anyone out there? A schools journey on high speed networks

Peter Choquenot

ATI Australia Pty Limited

Moving the data mountain to Mohammad

Peter Hicks

Curtin University of Technology

Where, Why?

Rob Collins


The Web is the Battleground; and Social Networks Lead the Charge

Robert Fenstermacher

Aruba Networks Inc.

BEYOND ETHERNET: 802.11n and the changing role of wireless in Australia Education

Robert Irving


Outsourcing Student email, our journey

Rod Swile and Bryan Thompson


The New Service Paradigm of Internet Access at QUT

Royce Gonsalves and Leon Li

Monash AARNet

AARNet/Monash experience in Cisco IME trial

Scott Sorley

University of Southern Queensland

Delivering Secure University Infrastructure: Checkpoint R70 firewall implementation at the University of Southern Queensland

Shaune Sinclair


Managing and Supporting CQUniversity's Network Video Services - An Operational Case Study

Simon Bartlett


Powerlink - Helping to Connect Coastal Regional Queensland.

Simon Rose


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. UQ's Internet management project

Muneyb Minhazuddin

Avaya Australia

Higher Learning: Making the move to a communication enabled campus for better education

Vanessa Sulikowski


Designing real-time Unified Communications Applications in a Virtualised Environment

Wayne Allen

Fluke Networks

Designing, Securing and Monitoring 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless Networks