Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    Building IT, Managing IT and Extending IT.


Welcome to QUESTnet2005


Call for Papers

You are invited to submit a paper for presentation at QUESTnet2005. Speakers are encouraged from University, Research, Health, Government, Defence and Industry sectors. The deadline is 11th April 2005.

The theme is Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow – Building IT, Managing IT and Extending IT and includes:

  • Network security
  • Next generation networks
  • Impact of online learning
  • Emerging users of high-speed networks
  • Video over data networks
  • Network Management, capacity planning and accounting
  • Networking in general


As an incentive to new presenters, the Organising Committee is looking to sponsor papers from QUESTnet member organisations. Sponsorship will be limited, and to qualify the presenter will not have delivered a paper at any previous QUESTnet conference. Sponsorship will provide a contribution towards accommodation and registration. Papers submitted by candidates for sponsorship, will be reviewed for suitability alongside all other papers. Authors of papers who wish to apply for sponsorship should clearly state this in a covering note, along with a statement of their eligibility.

Format for Submission

Authors wishing to give a presentation must provide the following:

  • Name and Affiliation
  • Contact email address
  • A short biography of your qualifications and/or experience (100 Words)
  • Key terms or topic (taken from the list above)
  • Description of presentation (between 250 and 500 words)

Authors should aim for presentations of 35 minutes duration, including question time. A formal paper is not required but we would expect to make the PowerPoint material available to delegates as a pdf.

Submissions should be sent by email to the Program Committee Chair - David Elkin, Australian Catholic University, via the email address If you require additional information please contact David on telephone number (07) 3623 7281.

Due Date

The deadline for normal paper submissions is 11th April 2005.

Contact details

David Elkin
Program Committee Chair, QUESTnet2005
Phone: 07 3623 7281


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