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Welcome to QUESTnet2006


The Queensland Education, Science and Technology Network (QUESTnet) is the Queensland regional component of the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet). In 2001 the network development and operation functions devolved to the Queensland Regional Network Organisation (QRNO) with QUESTnet focusing on the conference, staff development and training.

Each year since the early 1980s the Management Committee of QUESTnet has held annual conferences, which have developed from a local, then regional event, into the national conference of today.

The conferences are aimed at network technologists and those ICT professionals who must work closely with network technology. A key focus of the event is to provide an opportunity for delegates to develop their professional knowledge, exchange information on ‘real world’ network experiences and understand future network development scenarios.

Basically, QUESTnet is about net-workers networking!


Australia's Research and Education Network - provides high-capacity, cost-effective Internet services to the education and research communities and their research partners. AARNet has a focus on collaboration, teaching, learning and research and is proactive in supporting emerging advanced network infrastructure and applications.

In 2003, the AARNet2 network delivered 776 Terabytes of Internet and data communications traffic to its clients, and served over a million university staff, students and researchers who access the network through the local area networks of member institutions. AARNet2 also interconnects the overseas advanced research networks including Internet2's Abilene in the US, CANARIE's CANet4 in Canada, DANTE's GEANT in Europe and the networks of APAN (the Asia Pacific Advanced Network consortium).

AARNet has announced upgrades to its national network and international connectivity. AARNet3 will deliver 10 to 40 Gbps nationally and will provide dual 10 Gbps capacity circuits connecting to the advanced research networks of nations in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Middle East.