Call for Papers

QUESTnet2008: Social Engineering Your Network

This is a formal Call for Papers for QUESTnet2008 which will be held at the Crowne Plaza Royal Pines, Gold Coast, Tuesday 8 July to Friday 11 July and is hosted by Queensland University of Technology. This year's theme is Social Engineering your Network. Submissions close Monday 31 March 2008 .

Green and greenfield...

Society is demanding that infrastructure reduce its environmental impact and meet minimum environmental standards. This can mean saving power, reducing water consumption, minimising travel, channelling heat, etc. What impact does this have on network design and implementation? What smart ways can we adopt to achieve these goals?

Society is also interacting in new ways through applications like Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Second Life and Youtube.  This innovative social re-engineering brings both opportunities and challenges to your organisation.  How do you re-engineer your infrastructure to manage the situation?

What are the implications of accessing Facebook & Myspace from a mobile device? Will Mobile Carriers replace cheap SMS with feature-rich mobile websites? Will this drive the demand for University websites to be Mobile Aware? How well designed is your network for Mobile device interaction?

Other topics include:

  • Social / Community demographics
  • Ubiquitous access, everything everywhere
  • What's the implication of eResearch to the network
  • Are massive data streams a real threat or still just a pipe dream
  • Green Data Centre design
  • Wireless mobile services - telephony, presence
  • Green network architectures - more wireless, green storage, green servers, impact of "always-on"
  • IPv6 is it finally relevant
  • Security especially from mobile devices
  • Sensor networks

Plus the hoary old favourites:

  • Middleware
  • Protocols
  • Standards
  • Topologies
  • Wireless

In addition, do you have something of interest that doesn't fit the topics above? This could be an interesting case study, implementation of new technology or research in the field of telecommunications. Whatever it is, we would like to hear about it.

Speakers are encouraged from University, Research, Health, Government, Defence and Industry sectors.

Format for Submission

Authors wishing to give a presentation must provide the following as a Word document or pdf:

  • Name, job title, organisation
  • Email address
  • Phone number and mobile phone number
  • A short biography of your qualifications and/or experience (100 words)
  • Key terms or topic (taken from the list above)
  • Description of presentation (between 250 and 500 words)

Authors should aim for presentations of 35 minutes duration, including question time. A formal paper is not required but we would expect to make the PowerPoint material available to delegates.

Submissions should be sent by email to the Program Committee Chair, Ross Gorham; email: or phone: (07) 3138 9521.

Due Date

The deadline for normal paper submissions is Monday 31 March 2008 .


As an incentive to new presenters, the Organising Committee is looking to sponsor a limited number of papers. To qualify, the presenter must work within the education and research sector and not have delivered a paper at any previous QUESTnet conference. The sponsorship will provide a contribution towards accommodation and registration. Papers submitted by candidates for sponsorship will be reviewed for suitability alongside all other papers. Authors of papers who wish to apply for sponsorship should clearly state this in a covering note, along with a statement of their eligibility.


The conference is hosted by Queensland University of Technology supported by AARNet, CAUDIT, Central Queensland University and the University of Southern Queensland . AARNet is the Australian Academic and Research Network, CAUDIT is the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology. QUESTnet is the Queensland Education, Science and Technology Network. The conference is an opportunity for delegates to meet their peers, develop their personal knowledge, exchange observations and experiences, and to gain an understanding of future network directions and developments.


Learning from colleagues in similar situations at other Australian universities has always been a valuable component of the QUESTnet conference. Please circulate this email to your colleagues and encourage them to participate.

Similarly for vendors and consultants; information about future technology is critical to managing advanced networks.


Ross Gorham
Chair, Program Committee, QUESTnet2008