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University of Ballarat

Briefing to QUESTnet/AARNet Workshop - Internet Traffic Management & Accounting - 1 Feb 2011

by Matthew Whykes

Traditionally UB has quotered students, increasing quotas and decreasing top ups as Aarnet quotas increase.  This year we are removing quotas and simplifying our processes.  One flat "quota" that will keep you out of trouble - perhaps 3-4GB irrespective of time of day or sites visited and shape after that.
Administrative overheads nullify the money recovered from students, especially as the amount has decreased with increasing quota and unmetered traffic.
Currently on 1GB link but have never had more than 150MB/sec.  With survey, students enjoy the speed and would rather get it with quotering and charging than free slow internet.
Maintaining unmetered list onerous
Metering system becoming EOL, no budget for replacement
Lack of key staff means the simplier the solution, the better.
Current system doesn't take into consideration peak/offpeak, only metered/unmetered
Need to keep logs of user/sites/quota for investigative purposes.
Under 18's necessitate content keeper.
Would like to shape once nominated quota is reached.