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Networking for Virtualised Environments Workshop

QUESTnet is holding a workshop to share information and experiences on the topical issue of networking for virtualised environments.

The workshop will be hosted at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) on 9-10 November 2009 and will also include a presentation on and tour of their recently commissioned modular data centre.

The program will be of the form:

Day 1:  Presentations from relevant vendors and members (and any members who cannot be present on Tuesday).  The presentation/tour of the USQ modular data centre will occur later this day.

Day 2:  Briefings (short presentations of approx 15 mins) from each institution present on how they provision, support and manage networks for their virtualised environments.  This should include: experiences, issues and learnings.

Program - Venue Q502


11.00-12.00    Presentation #1 (Rob Tappenden - Cisco)
12.00-12.30    Q & A - Discussion
12.30-13.30    Lunch
13.30-14.30    Presentation #2 (Michael Francis - VMware)
14.30-15.00    Q & A - Discussion
15.00-15.30    Afternoon Tea
15.30-16.00    UQ presentation
16.00-16.30    Modular Data Centre presentation - Richard Young (USQ)
16.30-17.00    Tour of Modular Data Centre

18.30    Dinner and networking at Angelo's House restaurant (210 Herries St Toowoomba)


9.00-10.30     Briefings by attendees
10.30-11.00    Morning Tea
11.00-12.30    Briefings by attendees
12.30-13.30    Lunch
13.30-14.30    Briefings by attendees
14.30-15.00    Conclusion/ Afternoon Tea

The workshop is aimed at those staff engaged in provisioning, managing and supporting networks and virtual systems environments.

Background documents

It is expected that issues relating to the blurring of traditional operating boundaries of network engineers, system admins and security staff will be raised along with how organisations are dealing with these.

Other questions that members would like to see addressed in the briefings are:

  1. What approach is being taken for mapping of physical to virtual interfaces, ie. any logic or policy being used?
  2. Are any automated methods being used to enable or disable virtual switch ports?
  3. What monitoring is occurring of virtual switch ports for statistics & availability?
  4. How does fibre channel fit into the picture eg. Currently some organisations have Ethernet switching for networking and fibre channel switching for storage. What are the alternatives in a virtualised environment?

Registration is free and QUESTnet members will be able to obtain subsidised travel (up to $450 each) for up to two staff from their organisation to attend.

People wishing to attend should register with ConferenceIT - ph. 07 3878 2974.

Accommodation options include:

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